Friday, July 31, 2015

Tanner's Birthday

 Last week Tanner had his 29th birthday.  He doesn't care much about his birthday but I like having a special day to celebrate him. One of my students (Ongry) shares Tanner's birthday and brought cake for both of them.  The kids always like when they get to see and hang around Tanner. That evening Sydney and Many and their mom brought us a ladybug cake and a great big salad.  The cake was so cute and the center was hollowed and filled with little chocolate pieces. The best chocolate I've had here. Friday we went to Swensens and got I've cream with Ton. T'was a good day. I sure do love Tanner!  Here's to another year of life together!

The cake Ongry brought Tanner
Ongry and me
Ongry, Tanner and me

Tanner, me, Sydney, Sydney and Many's mom, MeMe and Many

The cake from Sydney, Many and company

The deliciousness inside the decapitated ladybug

Tanner making a face to match the ladybug :)
The birthday note from Sydney and Many

The fantastic salad they brought along with the cake.

Ice cream at Swensen's

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cowboy Crocodile

Phichit is called the land of the crocodiles.  I wrote a little bit about that here.  Due to that there are crocodile statues all over the county.  It's my dream to get pictures of all of them.  So far I just have two: the crocodile family (which I can't seem to find now) and the cowboy crocodile.

Tang's Birthday

Tang had her birthday at the end of last month.  To celebrate she took the boarding kids, her family, us American teacher and the boarding Thai teachers out to dinner.  We went to MK (a fun hot pot restaurant.  It was tasty and fun.  I really like Tang and I was so happy we could help her celebrate her birthday!

On the way to the restaurant we had 7 kids and 4 adults in Tangs car (which has 8 seats).  I asked if that was okay/allowed (since I know that would NOT be alright in the US).  She said it was just fine.  I asked what would happen if someone saw us overloaded like that.  She said nothing, unless we were going on a toll road--in which case they would probably give us a discount for carpooling with so many people!  Haha!

Monday, July 20, 2015

These have to go somewhere...

Random pictures:

WE went to get fruit smoothies and the man wan't here.  This sign was there but I can't read Thai.  I was devastated and thought maybe he was gone for good... Not to worry--he's back now!

We found some pickles!!  But... the label was misleading.  They were sweet, not dill.  I sure miss good dill pickles.

napping on the Sunday train.

We got chicken nuggets for dinner one night and we were overly excited!
We withdrew a lot of money for something, so naturally we took pictures with it :)

New Trees

We got a couple new, big trees at the school!  

They are nice and every bit of shade here counts.  One of them is looking a little sad now, so I don't know it it'll make it.  They are a good addition to the grounds.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tiger Face

In scouts the other week they used baby powder and water to put whiskers on all the kids.  I have no idea why, but we all laughed a lot through the process!

They also looked really cute like that!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bangkok and Gardening

In the middle of June Tanner and I went to Bangkok with Ton to attend a hydroponic gardening class. 

The guy running the class was really knowledgeable and it was great to learn from him.   

I'm off sugar, so this was my rest stop treat,

These kinds of food carts/stalls are everywhere over here!

We made some veggie rolls.  We used rice paper, lettuce from his garden and carrots and cucumbers.  They were really good!


My notes.

More notes.
Here are pictures of his farm as well as another one we visited.  The plants get started in a sponge, then get moved to tubes to grow.  The tubes are constantly flowing with water and nutrients for the plants.

Putting single seeds onto each sponge.

A beautiful flower we spotted along the way.

Lunch the second day on a boat restaurant!

A&W for dinner on the way back!

Ton with his snacks and wet towel trying to wake up for the drive home.  7-eleven sells cool, wet wash cloths.  I still get a kick out of that.