Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thai Fortune

On the train Abby and I met a man named Andy.

He spoke English quite well.  He and a younger name gave up their seats so Abby and I didn’t have to stand.  Abby saw his notebook and comment that she liked the drawing he'd done.  He tore it out and gave it to her.  Abby, Any, and I started chatting and before we knew it he was offering to tell our fortunes!  He started by asking Abby her birth year, birth month, and the day of the week she was born.  He did some mathematical calculations in his notebook (seems legitimate, right?) and told her fortune.  She was basically told that she needs to move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.  Also, that she is a natural at golfing and can make millions acting and golfing. 

None of the other fortunes (mine included) were that glamorous. 

My fortunes says that I need to be around water (or coffee).  If I have a pool or fountain at my house that will be very beneficial, bring good luck, and help me be wealthy.  I was told that I would be lucky with money.  VERY lucky!  That I will always have money when I need it.  I was also told that women older than me have good, positive feelings about me.  My mom is a very, very good woman.  If I take an older woman with me to buy a lottery ticket I will win big!  I was also told that I have a good husband, but sometimes he gives me a headache.  When he gives me a headache I need to not be too direct when addressing the issue.  I need to give him a speech or sing a song and the headache will go away. 

Now I just need an older woman, who is covered with water, drinking coffee to join me when I buy a lottery ticket.  Any volunteers?