Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shabu Indy

There is a hot pot restaurant in town called Shabu Indy.  I have been a few times in the last month or so.

Each table has a hot pot and they bring the food out raw.  You cook it at your table and pull it out when it's done.  It's a buffet and I always leave feeling so full!

Oh!  They also have chocolate ice cream!  Which just so happens to be one of my favorite things ever!

Friday, June 12, 2015


This year I teach first, second, and third grade.  I teach math, reading, and science.

Here are the first grade kids.  There are only five of them!

This is Phuvit.  He saved up his class points and bought these silly glasses.  They fit his personality perfectly!

Some lovely pictures drawn on a spelling test.

Hopscotch with the second graders.

Rainbow chains with a pot of gold from Saint Patrick's Day.


 Bonus, Praewa, Max and me.

 Tanner, Bonus, me, Praewa

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer camp

Our theme for summer camp (reading and writing) was the ocean.  We made these lap books:

 We also learned about and made volcanoes.

We played a game the kids loved.  I took candy and rolled it up in saran wrap and taped it up.  We went around in a circle and they had to roll doubles to take a turn to try and get a piece of candy out.  They only got to try until the next person rolled doubles.  They also had to use two butter knives and wear a sock on one hand.  

And one of our cooking lessons.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Food, glorious food!

This post is dedicated to food!

This is how they cut their pineapples here.  I have learned to do it this way but I am really slow!
Mangoes some students brought me from their tree.  They were easily some of the best mangoes I have ever had!

Some of the meals they feed us here at the school:

Veggies, pork and broth over crispy noodles.

Stir fried veggies with chicken

Pad Thai

Noodles with pork, liver, congealed blood and chicken feet  (they picked out the chicken feet for us though) 

Fried rice

Snow peas with garlic and ground pork

Pork, egg tofu, and cabbage soup

Pumpkin with egg

Green curry

Thai omelet

Stir fried broccoli with ground pork

Big noodles with egg and greens

Sweet and sour chicken

Horseradish and egg soup

More fired rice

Spicy Bamboo (sorry it's a little blurry and has saran wrap over the top)

Thai chicken spaghetti


Broccoflower with pork

Rolled, filled omelet

Ground pork with green beans and Thai basil

Noodles with red pork and greens

Steamed egg

Fried chicken wings

Stir fried cabbage and carrots with ground pork

Noodles with pork and cabbage

Stir fried baby corn with onions, peppers and chicken

Beans and peppers with chicken.  Thai fried egg on the side.

More noodles

Thai omelet with garlic chicken and cucumbers on the side

More noodles (these are Tanner's favorite)

Some of the things we have made when we needed a break from cafeteria Thai food:

Taco Bell sauce (thanks to my family) and homemade tortillas!

Breakfast burritos

Pasta and Bruschetta

I was never very good at making chocolate chip cookies, but since being here I have made some really great batches!

Bean enchiladas (can you tell that we adore Mexican food?!)

We also like to make salads (complete with homemade croutons), foil dinners, french toast and mashed potatoes.

And two more food pictures:

An ice cream sandwich

From the meat section at Tesco.  You can buy any part of the pig you want!

Some of the food here is pretty good and we enjoy it.  Other food we don't care for and will happily never eat again once we go home. The food they make tastes like cafeteria food.  When we go out and I get one of these dishes on the street I like it better.  They eat a LOT of rice and pork.  I think that once I get back to the US it will be a while before I eat wither of those!