Sunday, February 1, 2015

December and January

Catch up time!

I'm going to shoot for mostly pictures with a few words:

We went to a few waterfalls and rafting with the volunteers.  The rafting had a few rapids, but it was mostly a lot of paddling. 

One of the waterfalls had tubes you could rent further down the river.  We did that and had a lot of fun.  I got bumped off my tube one of the times and that wasn't too fun.  I got a couple bruises, but it was worth it.  I would do it all over again.

 One of the trees by a waterfall had these really big leaves!  

Games in class.

Mhew, FeiFei, Yindee

 Yada, Ongry and Phuvit

 Connect 4 with Bonus, Praewa and Max

Cinnamon rolls. They weren't as fluffy as I would have like, but I didn't have my Bosch :)

Phuvit and Tiger invited us over.  They have a banana boat and let us ride.  Most of us weren't aware we'd be getting in so we just got in in out clothes... It was a lot of fun but I could have done without all the pond water in my sinuses.

We went to dinner with Tang, Ake and Flynn.  There was a bit of a wait.  While we were outside waiting to be seated we met a baby elephant!  Her name was Lah Nah.  We bought some cucumbers to feed her.

And a little video of feeding the baby elephant.

We went up to Chiang Mai with Kim and Jesse for a 3 day weekend.  We took the class 3 train.  No A/C + hard seats + 10 hours + only cost $5.

Bringing pillows ended up being a good move. 

 Dinner at The Dukes.  FANTASTIC burgers!

Tanner ordered a salad and a plate of steamed broccoli  The waitress looked at him weird, but he was in heave.  That boy loves veggies!

Chiang Mai Zoo

We got to touch the hippos.  Kind of cool, kind of freaked me out.  They could really use a trip to the dentist.

 By the mouth of some sort of tiger, gorilla beast.

More from around Chiang Mai.  I sure love that city!

And a few more.

Practicing the guitar

This is how I felt when Tanner refused to take a picture with Santa and me. 

Also, this is the shortest Santa I have ever met! 

 They had a really huge Christmas tree at Central Plaza that I just really loved!

Praying mantis