Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas this year was different from any Christmas I have experienced.  They don't celebrate Christmas over here and I actually worked Christmas day!

My mom sent us a package and Kim (one of the volunteers) wrapped all the things separately for us!  We bought a little tree and some ornaments at Tesco.  It was fun to have a tree and presents to enjoy for a few weeks.

On Christmas Eve we played the guitar and sang christmas songs together.  It was so fun and I think we'll make that a tradition!  We also read about the birth of Christ in the New Testament.

I planned some holiday activities to do with my students.  We watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", played "pin the heart on the Grinch" played holiday bingo.



Pan, Maeni and MeMe

Aomsin, MeePhoo and Tunwa

Pordee, Aishi, Post and Auto

Watching "The Grinch" with Bonus and Praewa.  I love that movie and thoroughly enjoyed introducing it to my students!

My students adore Tanner and love any change they get to spend time with him.  He picked up one of the students and then when he left we left through the window (because it's closer to our room).  As the kids were lining up and leaving this conversation took place:

 Ioon: Tanner can do everything amazing!

All the other kids nodded in agreement

Preawa: But... he not can flip.

Me: He can on the tranpoline!

Wide eyed, all their jaws dropped.

Our little tree

After lunch, during one of my breaks we opened our presents.

A hat FeiFei's mom gave me.

My mom knows how much we have been missing mexican food so she sent us dehydrated refried beans!

Kim left before Christmas, but when she wrapped the presents and gave them to us she snuck in one from herself.  Microwave popcorn and cookie mixes!

We are all about food.  Seriously, it was all food because that's what we had asked for!  

The day after Christmas was the last day of school before 2 weeks off.  The kids had a party.  To them a party = TONS of food and music/dancing.

Ongry and I mostly watched as everyone else ran around and danced.  We aren't big fans of dancing ourselves.

End of the Year Party

The school has a big holiday party/fundraiser each year.  It was held on December 12th.  The theme this year was "through the years" or something.  We were supposed to dress up from past eras.  My team chose the 50s.  I has a fun blue polka dot dress made at the tailors. 

With Kim and Tanner.

With a student's mom.

With the volunteer teachers.  The backdrop was set up facing the setting sun.

Tanner and Auto

With a parent and student.

We got to hang out with Flynn (Tang and Ake's [the school directors/owners]) baby.

Aishi and Aomsin


Mhew, Yada, Praewa and Bonus

The party was fun.  The kids all performed and there was tasty food.  My students danced to "Greased Lightning".  They did a good job and I loved watching them dance.  I really though we recorded them dancing, but I can't find it anywhere.

*    *    *    

Here's the only picture I got from Thanksgiving dinner.  Tang and Ake had us over and we ate chicken, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, and pie.  It was a fun night!