Sunday, April 24, 2016


Months and months (maybe even a year ago) I told my students that we could do a piñata the last week of school before I left.  Those little guys have a good memory and reminded my frequently of my promise.  Tanner and I got to work and made three piñatas!  

The second to last day of class we took class pictures and destroyed the pinatas!  We made then incredibly well and it took more work to break then than I anticipated.   We blindfolded and spun the kids for the first round. Then they were still holding up really well!  We let them hit with out the blindfold after the first turn. The kids ended up having at least three turns to hit. They really enjoyed it and so did I! Tanner came out and helped and I felt like that was an extra great treat. 

We let Teacher Kate take a swing.

Joj too
I had to get a turn as well.

Tanner would go at the when we really needed it to break!


  1. Piñatas are fun! Rhonda and I have made a few and we enjoyed it.

  2. Once I made a pinata out of an amazon box. It was indestructible and my sister in law ended up having to stab it on the ground repeatably. It was sad and hilarious at the same time.