Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sports Day 2016

The school had its annual sports day. 

The week leading up to Sports Day we had the teacher/parent sports games! Last year we played soccer but this year we are playing chair ball. It’s like a mix between basketball and soccer. You play on a field but you throw the ball. When you have the ball you can only take one step. To score you throw to to the player a the end who is standing on a chair with a basket. We had our first game on Friday. I was surprised that I really had a lot of fun! We lost our first game by one point, our second game by 4 points and won our last game by 12 points.  

This picture makes me feel like a superstar!

It was nice to have a break from the normal teaching routine, but it was also a long, hot day. Thankfully, this year they rented really big shade structures so we weren’t right in the sun. The morning started with a parade.

I spent most of the day sitting on out area playing with and holding kids. Vespa (one of the younger kids that I don’t teach) was really snuggly and I help him a lot. He and Tipco played on my lap a lot. They pushed different parts of my face and I made different noises for each part they pushed. They got a really big kick out of that! They also thought it was super funny to play with my braid. They would tickle my ear with it or use it to make me have a mustache. There was a lot of giggling!

My team lost :( We got over all 3rd (out to three! Ha!). It was fun to watch all the races though. My favorite thing to watch was the final parent chairball game. It was a good one.

Sydney and Many’s mom brought me and Tanner a cold, thick chocolate drink. I’m watching my sugar intake, but I drank it and it was really divine!

After the sports were finished we had about an hour of awards. The had a 3 step podium for the first, second and third place winners. They gave out medals and took pictures. Tanner and I went up to accept the awards for tug of war and chair ball. We got 3rd for chair ball and got bronze Imperial medals. We got a tin of chocolate wafers for winning 1st in tug of war. It was the first time I had done tug of war in my grown life. It was a lot of fun, but hurt my hands from holding on so tight and made my arm super sore!

After awards were done we helped clean up. Before we cleaned up Basia’s Mom and Sydney/Many’s mom snapped some pictures with me. They had a couple colorful wigs and they had me put one on.  Also as Basia’s mom was leaving she said she might not see me before she left. So she gave me a good bye side hug. Then she grabbed my butt with one hand and squeezed it a couple times while making a honking sound! 

One of the parents made this video which I thought was fun!

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